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A lot of people think social media Influencer is a big deal. First you need to have positive vibes , mindset to be a social media influencer.

Who are you influencing? Can people trust you and vague  for you. Do people  say good things about  you?




An influencer is form of social media marketing  involving you to review a product on behalf of company  instead of doing a paid advert.  The company use you as their social media to make sales.  Companies  invest in a social media influencer because they believe they know there worth.

In as much as follower are compulsory.  You must not look at your followers on social media  rather you focus on the impression/ engagement on your platform.  This is what Companies  look at before you can get hired.




1. A Social Media Influencer Produces High – Quality Content:

Content is key for you to attract your audience.  When you give quality content, you will get the organic followers that will engage your platform.
90% of all companies engage in content marketing on some level, few internet users share.
Fortunately, there are ways to produce interesting content that will go viral across the social media.  There is no shortcut to creating content.  Make sure you have high quality content  – Shareable contents is always high quality content.
Focus on this tricks for a quality content.

• Use Smart Structuring.

• Add Value to Users’ Lives.

• Keep Your Audience in Mind.

• Create Infographics.

• Trigger Emotions.

• Remember the good old times

To improve your text content, I recommend using  Articoolo. It is a content writing tools that helps correct your grammar . It helps to find new words and make sure you use witty captions that is appealing to your target audience.



2. A Social Media Influencer Engage Your Audience

An influencer must have this 3 ‘R’  component for engagement.

• Relevance

• Reach

• Resonance



A relevant influencer gives  content relevant to your business and industry. They need to have an audience that aligns with your target market.

Example  is Makeup by Olabisi, she was able to capture her audience through her beauty- She is a Beauty Influencer on  Instagram and was able to target her audience.




Reach is the number of people you could potentially reach through the influencer’s follower base.




This is the potential level of engagement the influencer can create with an audience relevant to your brand.


3.   Steps by steps on how to become a paid social media influencer

1. pick a niche : choose the product  you want to focus on
2. Optimize your profile : Here are a few
things you can do to optimize your profile
A. Create a business account
B. Come up with an engaging bio
C. Upload a cover photo and profile photo

Understand your audience.
Create relevant content
Be consultant regular.

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The equipment you need is your Phone. Android or iPhone with a camera.  You can use a natural lighting for free.

As an influencer , all you need is a voice, WIFI connection and a message to share.
Believe in yourself  and have a positive mindset.

The only thing stopping is your mind. Don’t compare yourself.   Every body  has to start somewhere.

4. Join an influencer Network

Check out all these Influencer Network
1. Trend influencer
2. Brand Fit
3. 66 Agency
4. Intellifluence
5. Affluence
6. Fourstarzzmedia

5. Types of Influencers


1. Nano – Influencers (from 1k to 10k followers)

2. Micro- Influencer (from 10k-100k followers)
3. Macro – Influencer ( from 100k – 500k followers)
4. Celebrities : (> 500k followers)

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How do I protect my lipstick from a nose mask?



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